My year of being American.

9/23/2016 Friday:


Today is the day of my first blog entry. America is I think the best out of any country i have ever been to before. The only bad part about it is that since i entered the swimm team i had no chance of blogging or realy relaxing. There has always been something that would interrupt that moment I would take to relax. Most of the time it would be homework though. It has been a month since I got here and my family and me have been doing some cool stuff together. Another thing is that since I am here i see way to many good looking Ford Mustangs (it is  just overwhelming). Also tomorrow is the big day of Homecoming. I will go in a group of people during the so called „Daydate“. This is basically a nice morning and/or afternoon with the girl/guy you chose to go with and for my group and me it will be „wakeboarding“ at the lake. In the evening before the dance we will go to a restaurant with the group and after that there will be the Homecoming dance which is the big thing of the whole day. After the dance we also are planing to change our outfits and drive into the desert and have fun at a bonfire together even though we are not sure if that will happen so we will see tomorrow I guess.


10/1/2016 Saturday:

This weak was another exhausting weak. So lets start at the last Friday.                              After I posted my last blog entry I just went to bed because I did not want to sleep in on the next day since it was the day of Homecoming. That ment for me that I had to stand up at 6AM to go and have fun on my so called „Daydate“. I was Wakeboearding in a group with friends of mine and after that we all dressed up, went to a fancy restaurant and after that to the dance. The days after that were basically all the same. Waking up, going to school, swim at swimming practice and do homework before going to bed. That means I didn’t have that much free time.

Now finally it is fall break and I am all excited about it because, I have more „spare“ time now and in the second weak I am going to the Grand Canyon (I think) and Carlifornia (for sure). In California we will visit Los Angeles, Hollywood and the „Universal Studios“. So basically you could say I got very lucky and happy with my family.

There is just this one problem that comes up now because, since I arrived here in the USA my family has treated me like my host brother (like their own child) so I do not know if I could call my host parents „Mom“ and „Dad. That thought comes up because, every time I try to talk with (for example) friends about them when I say „our parents“ meaning Jareds (host brother) and mine they do not understand it and think I am talking about Germany. So I guess I will try that out soon enough since I have another 8 or 9 months here to saty or so.